Monday, March 29, 2010


Sunday, March 28 - the mural is finished!

It was a lot of fun - I got to work with three outstanding helpers: Becky DeMarco, Liberty, aka Libby Couch and Shannon White, and one valuable professional consultant, Paul Scibilia.
Thanks to the many residents of this historic building for the encouraging words as they watched the progression of the work, and thanks to Patrick and Anthony, who were there when we needed them to provide building access and help with equipment.
Most of all, thanks to David and Peggy Chiarella, who commissioned the work and facilitated its completion.

A little tromp l'oeil (fool the eye)
Stylized cacti are very Art Deco and draw you in to view the mural as you enter the building
The addition of the cactus in the front adds to the illusion of depth.
Building front
Whew! We're finished!


  1. Congratulations- it looks wonderful- when is the opening party???

  2. Yeay! Looks great!!!!!
    Wheres Waldo (aka pool pass 1923) painted?