Tuesday, January 29, 2013

and now for...Something a Little Different

To the Sun and Back/ 12x12"/Oil on cradled hardboard

What do plein air painters do when the weather is forbidding and we can't go outdoors?

For me the answer is to paint something else, from another series, and from another part of my brain.

The latest painting betrays my former life as an illustrator for children's textbooks. I took advantage of a rainy day to paint something for the kid in all of us.

To the Sun and Back was a labor of joy, inspired by a special boy in my life. 

I have to paint what's on my mind and in my heart, you know. So do you. 

Tuesday, January 8, 2013


When Jeff suggested this getaway, I started choosing art supplies.
 I didn't pack much - an old watercolor box, 2 brushes, 3 micron pens and a smallish sketchbook.
This outfit was portable and light. It could be toted anywhere.
Handy-dandy little art kit

When traveling with another person you don't have all day to create a painting. Better to travel light and work fast.

Watercolor and ink were my choice of mediums, since they require no prep or drying time.

Our trip involved lots of driving, so time to paint was sandwiched in between visits with friends and a lot of sightseeing.

Teresa's Million-dollar View
The first morning, after a long climb up the mountain above Jaco Beach, the million dollar view from our friend Teresa's home beckoned me. 
It was heavenly to sit on a folding chair overlooking the valley, the rain forest and mountains beyond.
I was careful not to dip my paintbrush in my coffee cup while chatting with an old friend and painting as the sun came up and the fog rolled away. 

Under the Almond Tree, Jaco Beach 
A few days later we found ourselves in a beachfront resort, keeping cool in the shade of an almond tree while Salsa music wafted through the air.

Each time I sit down to paint, the act of concentrating embeds the scene in my memory forever.

Each time I flip through my sketch books, I will remember the beautiful country of Costa Rica in vivid detail. I will feel the soft breeze, smell the flowers, taste the coffee and remember Teresa's voice as she watched me paint. 

This is the best kind of journal keeping.

Do you want to record some memories with me? Join me in Italy at my Workshop this June for some rich learning experiences and adventures in art.

Let's make some memories that you will remember forever.