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Make Your Life a Work of Art
Feb 2015 - Naples, FL - date to be determined

This weekend workshop will help you create a Vision Board, a visual target for the life you want to create.
Creating a Vision Board is a fun and creative way for you to become clear on your dreams and desires and transform them into reality. We become what we think about and our lives are created from our thoughts. One of the most powerful aspects of a Vision Board is that you create a visual representation of your and desires, helping you to put your attention on what you want to manifest in you life. Because our subconscious mind doesn't know the difference between reality and visualization it will help you to create what you dream about if you have a clear focus on what you desire.

  • A vision Board helps us to become very clear about what we want
  • A Vision Board makes your goals visible and keeps them in front of your eyes
  • A Vision Board reminds you of what you want
  • A Vision Board allows you to choose your goals
  • A Vision Board reminds you of what you are working for
  • A Vision Board keeps you in a positive mood - as you put your attention on it you will feel yourself receiving what you desire
  • A vision Board allows you to create a purpose in life 
  •  With the guidance of Alice Karow, talented life coach and me, the artist and teacher, we will not only create and plan a vision for 2015, but create a beautiful representation of that life that will inspire you and remind you of your ultimate destiny every day.

    ReddiArts Art Supply Store

    New! I'm now an instructor at Reddi Arts, a wonderful local art supply store here in Jacksonville.
    The classes that are available are Oil Painting and Mixed Media/Collage.
    Just click on the link above to see all the choices available.

    On-Going Classes

    Painting in Oils
    Ongoing class - all levels
    Meets in my studio
    Friday Mornings

    ©2012 Sue Goebertus

    Student Work

    Oil painting skills and techniques explored. Starting with the basics, we build your skill level as we paint together each week. Come and have some fun with colors - let's push some paint around!   

    Drawing for Everyone
     Ongoing class - all levels. 
    Meets in my studio
    Contact me for current schedule
    Student Work
    Drawing is the foundational skill you depend on. Knowing how to draw gives you confidence in all your creative efforts.

    If you're a rank beginner or have lots of drawing experience, I can help you get to the next level. Contact me for more info.


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