Friday, March 19, 2010

First Day Posting!

It's a new blogspot for Art ala Carte! We'll start by previewing my current project - a huge mural in an his
toric building in Savannah, Georgia. Currently a condo building, 119 West Oglethorpe was built in the 1920s as a YWCA, complete with a large indoor swimming pool. That pool still exists today, though in disrepair, and hasn't been used for a few years. As a tribute to the age of the building and the pool in it's prime, we are painting a mural of the old pool on the interior wall of the lobby.

Blank wall - this is the "before."

The pool still exists, but looks forlorn.

Front door

Becky, working on the scaffold
, duplicating the window

Libby, up in the air

Progress to date

Detail, woman swimming
Stay tuned - this mural will be finished by
a week from now.

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