Sunday, August 31, 2014

Vintage Trailer Transformation - Bubba Jane becomes the Blue Bird

Have Brush, Will Travel
goes on the road!

The restoration of a vintage 1965 model Zipper 10' travel trailer, came at the end of a very busy school year and before the trip to my painting workshop in Maine. 

My capable and creative daughter, Janna, just back from two years of la dolce vita in Italy, got right on board to make sure this trailer was transformed into a beautiful, practical portable painting studio and living space, as cute as we could possibly make her.

Her name used to be Bubba Jane

She was adorable when I bought her and I had my doubts whether we should even attempt to give her a new paint job. But being artists, Janna and I had to make our mark, so...
...we took a deep breath and took on the challenge. We painted her inside and out, gave her a retro zig-zag and a pair of wings to help her fly down the road. We dubbed her Blue Bird and we flew down the highway.

Now we call her Blue Bird

Blue Bird followed obediently along behind our car over 3,000 miles - from Florida to Maine and back again. She provided us a with almost all the comforts of home: a comfy place to sleep, shelter from the rain, and a tiny kitchen to cook in. What else do you need?

Did you see us on the road?

Chalk paint, inside cabinet door

 Stay tuned to this blog for more photos from the inside of the camper. See you soon!

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