Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Warning! Painting Can Be Habit-Forming: The Sunrise Project

Sky #21 - the one that seals the deal
©2012 Jaime Howard

It has been said that it takes 21 days to form a habit.

In the interest of good habit cultivation, I've been painting the morning sky since Feb.4. Taking a few mornings off for overcast skies, we have arrived at...(drum roll, please)...Sky#21! 

I must warn you - the painting of skies can be highly addictive. I have to confess that I'm hooked. This habit is so addictive that only fifteen minutes a day has made me into a hopeless painting junkie.

I wake up while it's still dark, craving to see the sunrise. The irresistible urge to see what's happening in the morning sky gets me out of bed before the crack of dawn.

Atlantic Beach Sunrise
©2012 Jaime Howard
Now, I'm taking my addiction even further. 

I've taken to driving to the beach, where the entire show is on display along the  horizon. It's a wonderful way to start the morning, watching the day begin.

 We all have a lot of habits, some good, some questionable. 
It amazes me that it took such a small amount of time and effort to help form a habit that so enriches my life.

It's a new day!

What could you commit to doing that would feed your creativity for just fifteen minutes each day?

You get a fresh chance every morning.

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  1. these are wonderful and I just love the idea of painting skies as a habit, wonderful!