Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Artsy-fartsy trip to Savannah for St. Pat's weekend!

Last weekend, I was able to return to my home away from home, Savannah.

St. Patrick's (Savannah's claim to fame) was Thursday, and when I arrived Friday evening and even up until I left on Sunday afternoon, there were people on the streets who were still celebrating! Drinking as they walked arm-in-arm with their fellow celebratees (is that a word?), dressed all in green from head to foot, adorned with green beads, and topped with a leprechaun chapeau. Only in Savannah.

I was there to deliver a painting (see above) commissioned by my friend, Bonnie, the hostess with the mostest, and to deliver 5 prints and a large painting for the Form and Context Gallery in High Point, NC.

It was wonderful to be back in Savannah, where the leprechauns wander the streets for days after St. Paddy's day and the weather is fine.

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